Run Android Apps on Linux, Windows, MAC OSX Google Chrome ARChon

In the latest update of Google Chrome, there are many features added to its major browser. ARChon ( App Runtime for Chrome ) is the best feature to run Android Apps on PC using Google Chrome.

However, certain limitations have been set by Google Chrome’s team. Still, it’s a great app to make your wish come true. Soon, you might see some more great developments in this area, but for now, you can only run 4 Android Apps by using Google Chrome Emulator ARChon.

Many people are complaining about the app limits because, as an advanced individual, I hate limitations. Although it’s not a paid service still, I’d always like to go with unlimited apps at a time because it is hard to choose 4 apps of your choice from the list of millions, but as I said that it is just a start, and we might see some great work in ARChon for Google Chrome.

Run Android Apps on Linux, Windows, MAC OSX Google Chrome ARChon

The most exciting thing is it lets you run Android Apps on Windows PC, MAC OSX, Linux, and Chrome Platform. You just need to download the browser and install the plugin.

You cannot install direct APK files to ARChon because of its limitation. Now you must be wondering about how I am supposed to install apps then? Well, We have an answer to that question too! ARChon extension converts APK files to its browser extension and lets you play with your apps in no time. It’s all free. You can give it a try by converting APK files to ARChon extension.

It’s great news for all Linux users, too, that they can now run Android Apps on Linux, and it doesn’t matter if you are on Ubuntu, Redhat, or Fedora. This stock Google Chrome extension would do!

For now, you might notice that ARChon has lots of bugs, and It crashes while running few apps simultaneously and I think this is the only reason they have put limitations but let’s hope for the best!

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