How to Choose Between Different Types of Rowing Machines

Most people choose to work with a rowing machine because it is a calorie buster and a great core workout machine. However, you should know that improperly used, can cause leg or arm pains and back injuries.

Moreover, it is very important what type of rowing machine do you use. In this article, we have gathered you some types of rowing machines, which will inspire you to make a decision.

The hydraulic rowing machine

A hydraulic rowing machine is a good option for those who don’t have enough space or those who have a tight budget and want an economical device. You should know the hydraulic rowing machines are different from magnetic, water, and air rowers, because when you are using the rowing machine technique, you are not allowed to pull in a straight line.

Moreover, these units have one piston which doesn’t allow you to perform your exercise in a natural rowing motion. Actually, you won’t be able to synchronize your leg and arm movements together.

Flywheel rowing machines

There are plenty of people who worked with this type of rowing machine because it offers them a similar feel to outdoor rowing. Moreover, its resistance is provided by the wind, so if you want to increase the resistance you must pull harder. The flywheel rowing machine has fan blades that help the flywheel to move faster and provide greater wind resistance.

If you are thinking about buying a flywheel rowing machine, you should know that it provides a more natural and smoother rowing stroke than a hydraulic rowing machine. Moreover, this type of unit is used by health clubs, fitness centers, fitness enthusiasts, and even rehabilitation clinics.

The WaterRower

The WaterRower is the best option for people who participate in outdoor rowing. Actually, this unit is designed to emulate the dynamics of a boat in the water. Moreover, it’s very silent when in use. If you are thinking about buying a WaterRower, you should know that it’s constructed with a wooden frame, which adds an elegant touch to its design.

The magnetic resistance indoor rowers

Nowadays, most people choose the magnetic resistance rowing machine, because it is known for providing a smooth rowing stroke and it is virtually silent. Compared with the flywheel which receives resistance from the wind, the magnetic machine uses a magnetic brake system, which doesn’t produce any friction. This way, you will have a silent workout.

Moreover, you need to know that the rowing machines based on magnetic resistance are available using just a combination of magnetic and air resistance.

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