Fix Bluestacks Graphic Card Error: Bypass 25000

When it comes to run android apps on pc then we run towards finding the best android emulator for pc and there’s a huge list to choose from, but the best emulator is Bluestacks. Since bluestacks is a highly programmed software, it requires a high-end system configuration, which should be 2 GB+ of RAM, 512 MB of Graphics, and a Dual-core processor to run the app smoothly. People struggling with low configuration computers are stuck with ” Bluestacks graphic card error 25000 ” and there was no way to bypass this error but we have it now.

There are many other errors, such as “Error 25000. Bluestack currently doesn’t recognize your graphic card ” or ” Bluestacks Graphic card Error, ” and the legit way to fix it is by upgrading your system to the required configuration. Still, we have some tricks and hacks to make it happen, but we first need to understand the errors.

If you installed it using Bluestacks Offline Installer, you might get ” Bluestacks currently doesn’t recognize your graphics card. ” and the legit way to solve it is by updating your graphic card drivers. As you might know that there are two kinds of graphic cards on your system.

  • Microsoft’s Proprietary Direct3d – Used by Windows Application.
  • Open GL – Used by Emulators or High graphic games or even HD movies.

The easy way to solve it is by updating your windows to the latest version and its drivers. However, there are many alternative ways to fix bluestacks graphic card error: 25000.

Update Graphic Card Driver

This can be done by downloading an exe file of your drivers from the list provided below.

Update DirectX to latest version

Try updating your DirectX version to the latest version by visiting the official site:

Connect your Laptop to Power Cable

Some applications require high power, which can only be done by connecting your laptop with the power cable and make sure it’s turned on.

Re-Install Bluestacks

Uninstall the current version of bluestacks and replace it with the other versions below. It might solve the issue.

Upgrade your Graphic Card

If the solutions above didn’t help you out, then it’s time to upgrade your graphic card.

Final note

I hope that this guide would have solved your problem by now. Please post a comment below or contact us via Google+, Facebook, or Twitter if you have any issues. We will be happy to help you out. I will also be sharing a guide on how to bypass bluestacks graphic card error 25000 soon.

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