MyDailyCash : Get money For Completing Easy Tasks on Your Android mobile 2023

MyDailyCash  Get money For Completing Easy Tasks on Your Android mobile 2023

  MyDailyCash Program is a get-paid-to (GPT) app that allows users to earn money online by performing simple tasks like as downloading apps, registering on websites, and so on.

The software is presently only available for Android and pays users directly into their PayPal accounts once they have acquired the required number of credits.

Let's take a look at how MyDailyCash App works.

How MyDailyCash App Works

As previously stated, this is a get-paid-to app. MyDailyCash collaborates with other firms that want users to test their apps, sign up on their websites, or perform other basic activities, and MyDailyCash offers these micro-tasks on their app for app users to complete and be rewarded in credits, which can then be redeemed for cash.

The compensation for each task achieved vary and are defined by MyDailyCash's numerous partners. You can earn as few as 10 credits for some jobs and as many as 50 credits for others.

One credit is worth $0.01 in currency, so 10 credits are worth $0.10, 50 credits are worth $0.50, 1000 credits are worth $10, and so on.

The minimum payout on MyDailyCash App is currently $10, which is equivalent to 1000 coins. So, after your accumulated coins for accomplished jobs reach 1000 and beyond, you may request payment via PayPal and have your money handed to you within 24-48 hours.

It's worth noting that jobs are routinely added to the app, and you can choose and perform whichever suits you best in order to earn your prizes. However, you must search for available tasks in order to participate and earn rewards.

Apart from completing tasks to earn money on the app, you are also rewarded for inviting new members to sign up using your referral code. You will receive 20 credits ($0.20) for each invited member, and they will receive 50 credits ($0.50) for being a new user of the app.

Now that we've established that, let's look at how to sign up for the MyDailyCash App.

How to Download, Install, and sign-up on MyDailyCash 

  • Install the app on your Android device by clicking here.
  • Sign up with your phone number and enter the code: 819226 in the referral code field (this is my referral code). If you use the referral code, you will receive 50 credits ($0.50) as a sign-up bonus.
  • Following that, you will be directed to your dashboard, where you will see the 50 credit welcome bonus.

MyDailyCash  Get money For Completing Easy Tasks on Your Android mobile 2023

  • The next step is to configure your PayPal email for payout. To do so, navigate to and tap on the Settings icon at the bottom of the app interface. Next, tap on PayPal account, and then enter and repeat your PayPal email address in the New PayPal Email and Confirm New PayPal Email boxes, respectively. Finally, click the Update button to confirm your PayPal email address.

That is the entire onboarding procedure.

If there are any available tasks when you sign up, you will see them right away and can participate (if it suits you) by clicking the Go to Deal button situated beneath the task description.

You can opt to accomplish numerous activities at once if they are accessible, or you can undertake any that seem appropriate. Some tasks are one-time, such as signing up for a website or simply downloading an app and letting it run on your device for a few minutes/hours, while others are recurring, such as having an app installed on your phone and claiming daily rewards as long as the app is still on your device.

Users can simply acquire coins required for a $10 minimum withdrawal with the app's regular availability of activities.

That being said, I can confidently state that the MyDailyCash app is a legitimate money-making software that operates globally, with many payment proofs available online. You can add it to your existing collection of money-making apps on your phone; you wouldn't turn down extra cash, after all (lol).

Here are several case studies:

MyDailyCash : Get money For Completing Easy Tasks on Your Android mobile 2023

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