Radar Detector Shopping Guidelines

Nowadays, there are plenty of people who choose to drive with confidence and relaxation. That’s why they opt for investing in a radar detector. There are several features to look for when you are choosing to buy a radar detector.

VG-2 and Spectre RDD

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Everybody knows that in some places it is illegal to use radar detectors. That’s why the police has developed an RDD system which is a ”radar detector detector”. Using this technology, the police will know when someone has a radar detector in use. However, many manufacturers tried to develop a system which can eliminate the oscillations emitted by the receivers in radar detectors. VG-2 is an innovative feature of RDD technology, created to detect the oscillations on a single frequency band. That’s why, if you are thinking about buying a radar detector, make sure it has the feature which protects it from VG-2 detection. Moreover, you should buy a device which offers you Spectre invisibility. Spectre is a sophisticated type of RDD technology which operate on multiple frequency bands and not all radar detectors are able to discover this type of technology.

Radar with GPS

Radar Detector Shopping Guidelines Picture
Most manufacturers have developed a GPS technology which comes to the drivers aid. Besides the fact that GPS devices measure speed, direction, and location, they can also tell you when a radar is in use around you. Moreover, the GPS detectors can be programmed to remind you the speed cameras or the areas where are red-lights. Plenty of people choose to buy radar detectors with GPS because these devices can communicate with satellites while moving and you can set them to store location information about the important points on the map.

The smartphone compatibility

Radar Detector Shopping Guidelines Picture
One of the most innovative technologies is to integrate your radar detector with your smartphone. You will find plenty of apps which are available for Android and iOS platforms. These apps let the drivers know when there is a radar around them. Moreover, there are some radar detectors which will transmit your alerts directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection. However, if you are thinking about getting a radar detector app, make sure you will not buy the cheapest one because you won’t get good results.