How to Change a Door Lock

If you want to feel safe at home, then, the first thing you need to do is to make sure your door lock is a good one. If you actually think that it is time to replace it, then do not hesitate and go shopping. Choose a quality one, that will provide you the necessary safety and that will last a long period of time. We recommend an intelligent lock like Schlage Connect that has passed all the tests in terms of security and durability. Once you purchase the desired device, you can mount it yourself even though it seems more complex and sophisticated. Here is how to change a door lock.

How to Change a Door Lock Picture

What type of lock do you have?

It is very important to know the style, the brand, and the features of your old lock so that you can make sure you will choose a product that will fit perfectly your door, and that will also work as advertised. You need to ensure that there will not be necessary to do any sort of modifications whatsoever.

You need to measure the size of the doorknob

You need to know in advance what size you need. This will certainly save you headaches later. Generally, back and front door locksets are a bit larger than interior locksets. Therefore, it is highly recommended to know exactly what size you need to get.

Remove the interior knob and the interior decorative cover

This is the next step you need to follow. You need to hold the knob in place, while you actually release the springs. It should come off easily, without any sort of problems. Then, you must remove the interior decorative cover as well. This sort of job is not a complicated one, and you will definitely manage to obtain the desired result in a short time. Once you do this, you must remove the lock sections as well. Do this by unscrewing the two interior screws.

You need now to install the latch

If there are any uneven recesses in the latch, you need to chisel them out. By doing so, your new latch will fit perfectly. Then, you need to place the new latch. If it doesn’t stay put into the recess, then fit the screws into the latch, and then tighten down.

Install your brand new lockset

What you need to do is to slide gently the outside parts of the lockset into the hole. Do this through the latch assembly. The strike plate needs to line up with the new lock. This is the result you need to obtain. However, if you have a smart door lock, then you will actually need to follow quite the same steps in order to install it. You will certainly find some instructions on the pack as well.