Efficient Outdoor Heaters for Your Patio

Having an outdoor heaters means you will get to enjoy more of your beautiful patio even in the cold season as you will no longer have to worry about cold weather. If you were thinking about adding one to your patio but you weren’t sure which one really is efficient, the following list will be of great help for you. Analyze them all and see which one fits your needs.
Efficient Outdoor Heaters for Your Patio Picture

Infratech 39 Inch WD-5024SS Infrared Patio Heater

This heater is quite expensive, compared to others, but the $559 price tag should not scare you as it will turn out to be a great investment on the long run. It is more efficient than other types of heaters like the gas one because it’s not affected by the wind and it manages to spread warmth on a wider area. You can mount it on the ceiling or on the wall and the pleasant infrared heat will be absorbed by people and objects nearby so they will feel warm to touch. The fact that it doesn’t heat the air makes it more energy efficient and guarantees that the sofas and chairs on your patio will feel warm when you touch them.
Efficient Outdoor Heaters for Your Patio Picture

Fire Sense 2597736 Propane Patio Heater

If you prefer a heater that you can move around and place it wherever necessary, you might like this portable model that works on propane. It’s one of the most powerful available on the market, with a heating capacity that reaches 46,000 BTUs and an electronic ignition system that has it working immediately. The tall design includes an aluminum reflector hood that enables the unit to spread the heat on a 18-foot heating diameter. Still, it’s very stable thanks to the weighted base and the wheels make it very easy to move around. In case it runs out of gas, a shut off valve will turn the unit off so there will be no risk of accidents.
Efficient Outdoor Heaters for Your Patio Picture

Patio Comfort NPC05AB Natural Gas Patio Heater

This patio heater works on natural gas and creates a radiant heat that is spread on a 15-foot circle of heat due to the tall housing and the deflector hood. It reaches 40,000 BTUs in order to create enough heat to cover a medium size patio. Although t has a stable design, the heater comes with an extra safety feature based on an oxygen depletion sensor that automatically turns it off if the uni is tilted over 30 degrees. The pleasant design makes it appropriate for many patio designs.