Best Tower Fans for Cool Summer Days

With summer around the corner, we can’t help but think about the hot days that will require the most efficient cooling methods. One of these methods implies cooling the air at home with a tower fan that manages to low enough cool air to make you feel more comfortable. Although most units do a good job, some are better than others and you are about to find out which are the best tower fans to keep you cool in summer days.
Best Tower Fans for Cool Summer Days Picture

Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan

This tower fan is not only efficient but it’s also very stylish and it boasts some of the best technologies available in the industry. The elegant design makes it very easy to match to the most modern homes and the compact shape ensures there will always be space for it. Although it creates large amounts of cool air, it stay very silent thanks to the noise reduction technology and the three pre-programmed air flow patterns. It also boasts an oscillating feature to increase performance and a 12-hour timer to set the fan to work when needed.
Best Tower Fans for Cool Summer Days Picture

Lasko 2554 Wind Curve Fan

This 42” tower fan is one of our favorites because it’s one of the tallest models that blows cool air on a very wide area. It comes with an oscillating feature that maximizes its performance and it offers three speed levels so you can adjust the intensity of the air flow. It’s extremely quiet so you can use it in bedrooms or nurseries and it can be controlled either by operating the electronic display or by using the remote control. For added convenience, it comes with an electronic timer so you can set it to work for a certain amount of time. A feature worth mentioning is the fresh air ionizer that cleans the air while cooling it.
Best Tower Fans for Cool Summer Days Picture

Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

Another great unit is this model that also comes with a remote control and a programmable timer that allows you to set its operating interval. Moreover, the device features a fully programmable thermostat that lets you select the desired air temperature that you want to obtain and has the unit running until that temperature is reached. It offer three different air flow speeds, an oscillating feature, and a stylish and user friendly LCD display.