Best Mattresses and Pillows for a Restful Sleep

How well you sleep at night highly depends on the quality of the mattress and pillow you sleep on. The materials they are made of, the way they support your body, how cool or warm you sleep at night, all these determine how well you manage to rest. Choosing the right mattress and pillow could be a life changer for those who have troubles sleeping, so check out the following best mattresses and pillows and enjoy a restful sleep.
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Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series

This is a top quality mattress made of no less than 5 layers of innovative foams and gels designed to offer you the ultimate body support. The bottom layer is a 4” 1.8 density solid edge support base followed by a 3” layer of SmartFlow air flow foam. The third layer is a 2” 4 lb Visco Foam while the fourth is 2” layer of a 4 lb gel memory foam. Everything is topped by a soft and silky 1.5” quilted cover that is pleasant to touch. The mattress is available in 7 sizes and three types of feel and the prices start at $899 for the smallest version.
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My Green Mattress Pure Echo Luxe

If you prefer an innerspring mattress, you should try this organic version that focuses on all safe and natural materials that promote a restful and safe sleep. This mattress is made of 5 different components that combine into a soft yet resistant mattress. The bottom is a pocketed coil spring system that offers support, then you have a layer of needle-punched cotton pads followed by a layer of organic cotton batting. The last layer is a natural wool one that acts like a flame barrier and the mattress is covered in a soft organic cotton fabric. It contains no chemicals and it hasn’t been treated with any harmful substances and it will certainly improve the way you sleep. It is available in 7 sizes with prices ranging from $710 to $1,270.
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Too Cool Bamboo Pillow

Nevertheless, you will sleep like a baby if you choose a bamboo pillow and this one is the top choice that guarantees the best sleeping conditions. It is perfect even for the most sensitive of you as it contains a hypoallergenic interior that repels dust mites and eases snoring and sniffing during the night. Plus, you can wash the pillow in the washing machine o ensure it will always stay clean. The soft cover is made of the finest quality bamboo and offers you not only a smooth touch but also a cool feeling so you will experience a comfortable sleep. It comes in two sizes and the price enjoys an incredible discount that lowers it to $25.