Best Golf Aids for Beginner Players

In case you’ve recently started to play golf and you’d like to improve your playing technique, this article will inform you about the best golf aids available on the market. As a new player, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the training sessions and think that a proper aid is all that you need. Since this sport is extending, now you can find all sorts of innovative technologies that will make you become a better player. Read the article and find out which are the best golf aids for beginners.

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The rangefinder provides quick and accurate measurements up to 550 yards. Once you know the distance to the hole, you will be able to choose the appropriate club, so you will have more chances to hit it. Also, the latest editions are waterproof, have an ergonomic design for a stable grip and the entire measurement process takes only a few seconds.
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Golf Swing Analyzer

This is another golf aid that will definitely improve your game. The golf swing analyzer is a Bluetooth sensor that works on iOS and Android devices. Once you swing, the device will send an instant 3D feedback that can be watched whenever you like. Therefore, you will be able to evaluate your game and make the necessary improvements. The analyzer tracks the club head speed, swing plane, hand path, backswing position, and so on. Additionally, it can record up to 8 hours and stores around 2,000 swings.
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Birdieball Practice Set

This training aid will make a big impression on you because it’s very challenging and fun. The Birdieball is perfect for small places, so you can easily practice your swing at home or at the office. Unlike the usual plastic ball or any other practice balls, the Birdieball has the same flight features as a real golf one. Also, it’s very resistant and it gives you the opportunity to practice all kinds of shots.
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Pivot Pro Training Aid

In most cases, amateur golfers tend to shift most of their weight on the front leg. Having a bad position will make you commit many mistakes. The Pivot Pro transfers 90% of its weight to the back leg during the backswing. You will see that once you start to pivot correctly, you will improve your game and have a more powerful golf swing.